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Attention Black Dog Clays Shooters!

We are offering you the opportunity to advertise your business by sponsoring a station. Your business name will be prominently displayed on the stand. We are asking $200 per year. All of your advertising dollars will be used to improve the course and your shooting experience. If you are interested please contact Phil Jones at 362-9801.








hr 600

Congratulations  to the following Idaho shooters
for making the 2017 NSCA All-State team!

Mark Johnson
Kelly Munsee
William Hunter Hancock
Gary Welch
Doug M Chase

Sub Junior

Super Veteran
Senior Super Vet
Master Vet

  Stephenie Hyer
Tanner L Holmquist
Carter Howell

Scott Abo
Alan D Caba
Bill Wiesehahn
Mike Barbero

AA Class
A Class
B Class
C Class
D Class
E Class 
  Dyke Jones
Bryan Luckie
Rex Blackburn
Ron Swafford
Charles Cooke
Casey Dilley

hr 600

Black Dog Clays Signature Recipes

Compliments of Chef Ace, Chef Curt & Chef Margie

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